Golf Technology – Know your Business

The golf  business this day in age has changed forever.  It takes a very keen operator to keep in touch with the changing landscape of tee time channels, distribution and price integrity.  Each year there seems to be more and more options to market your product in a shrinking market share of golfers to go around.

When it comes to golf course operations Point of Sale software there are many choices.  But this year a new emerging company has arrived on the scene.  Teesnap.  Teesnap is a cloud based Golf POS Software solution that is run on an enterprise grade ecosystem platform.  This platform enables email marketing that is integrated, inventory, PCI compliance and much much more.

The solution has an incredible offering in terms of features and benefits.  Golfers will have android and ios applications to be able to book tee times, manage accounts and play their bills online.  The software enables a golf professional real time price management, inventory controls and total facility reporting tools.

Simply said this software has an amazing impact on the golfing world and it should be checked out by any operator thinking of changing Point of sale vendors this year.